A mixture of music, soul and feelings. Even though Fake Out! started in the European summer of 2006,we can’t leave aside the Level 0 and the Sun- set Sound sessions parties -former projects created and promoted by some members of the current Fake Out! crew where,little by little,the foundations of what Fake Out! Is now,were laid.

We can say that, without intention (or with it), a special space was established in the Barcelona’s electronic music circuit for artists, professionals and the general public to meet. All in such an exceptional natural environment as the Medi- terranean beach could be, where one could go for a splash at the sea, sunburn on the sand and dance wearing your swimshorts. A unique atmosphere festivity.


The music selection,in charge of our resident DJs or our special guests, together with the sound of the waves made the perfect soundtrack for a wonderful time under the stars enjoying the newest tendencies in electronic dance music reference.The most rele- vant international electronic artists also said ..hi..in our parties,thrilling us to their performances,leaving a great impression in which was the best, musically speaking,seasons.

It’s, then, the positive evolution, together with the acceptance from the public, what led Fake Out! parties to take place in the most important and best known clubs in Barcelona,as well as the rest of Euro- pe and America.

Fake Out!, you’ve gotta live it.



Turko - Bio

TurKo Has spent years Walking Tall with his delicate sessions and earning a small legion of followers who have chosen to travel with this artists in the city of Barcelona.

Born in Buenos Aires City, he began his passion for music at age ten. With twenty-one, arrives to Barcelona, and begins to make contact with the turntables, where he created and propels the successful party "Sunset Sound Sessions" and gives life to "Fake Out!" parties.

Turko is today one of the musical figures of the Barcelona nightlife, both at promoting events and for having played in such emblematic places of the city as Otto Sutz, City Hall, Fellini, Le Kashbash, DAF, Sidecar, The Terrrazza , Liquid, Row 14, Boulevard, Macarena Club.

At present he spends most of his time on music production, as well as the artistic and general production of Fake Out! events, which currently are held at venues such as BeCool, City Hall, Boulevard, Chiringuito Calamar, La Terrrazza, to name a few, also in combination with the presentation of conferences and performing workshops for Dj products of various companies like Native Instruments or Reloop.

Planktom - Bio

Tomasz Andrzej Haupa aka. "planktom" started his musical career in Germany at the age of 18, right after his first club night experiences. Immediately he knew that it won´t be the dance floor but rather the DJ-booth that will allow him to express his passion for house music in an unconditional way. Just a few years later hard work, patience and love for details brought the young Polish/German to what you can call the "point of no return".

In Barcelona, his chosen home base he explored his playful and drifting style, got inspired by his environment and found his very own way of connecting with the consumers. A steady mixing technique matched with a widely spread repertory of quality music have been his trademark since the beginning. Unforgotten nights all around Europe pushed him on an international level where he keeps spinning frequently. Nowadays he´s also resident in Barcelona´s new hotspot “The Warehouse”.

Planktom´s collaborations with many international labels and collectives and close contemporary friends allow us to keep on enjoying tight mixes and even first releases on labels such as DSN Musik, Onomar rec., PPMusic and Grossstadtvogel.
Diego Montiel
Diego Montiel

Diego Montiel - Bio

Diego Montiel was born in Bueno Aires, interested in music from a young age was part of several bands , through various styles, playing guitar and singing , and then devote himself to electronic music when he left his native country ( Argentina ) for installed in Barcelona ( Spain ) starting DJing in underground parties to then get, the best clubs in the city as : BIKINI , BE COOL , CITYHALL , MACARENA MAR , MACARENA CLUB, MOOG , THE ONE, ETC ...

And then coming to play at clubs and festivals in other countries: Zur Wilde Renate (Berlin- Germany ) , Dude Club ( Milano) and festivals such as KENT FESTIVAL ( Pucon , Chile ) SUNFACTORY (Barcelona ) etc ...

Simultaneously developed as a producer of techno and techouse, both very marked in all his work styles , which counts as more than 30 tracks, some of them published by different labels ( under various pseudonyms ) for sale at BEATPORT.COM , JUNO.CO.UK or ITUNES .

Today is living among BERLIN / BARCELONA for the summer season 2014.

Juarez - Bio


Liony at Eibisi Club
Fake Out at Macarena Beach Club
Liony Under Edition at City Hall
Fake Out at The Ware House


Pacha Barcelona (Bcn) // City Hall (Bcn) // Sala Instinto (Bcn) // Macarena Beach Club (Bcn) // Eibisi Club (Bcn) // Las Arenas (Madrid)

Leomode - Bio

Producer, pianist, composer, originally from the countryside of Florence, Leomode (aka Leonardo Cincinelli) bet on creativity, originality and innovation all along. His music is an unique, elegant and innovating mix of electronic beats with live played electronics and piano. With a quite complete musical formation in well-known italian schools (Siena Jazz, Saint Louis College of Music of Rome) beginning from classical piano, coming to electronics, passing through jazz improvisation, he started his career in Italy as jazz pianist performing his own compositions with his trio "lostress". The band released an album ("lostress" 2007) and has been invited to various festivals and clubs.

Then he started experimenting with synths and electronics with his second project "Deejazz", applying the concept of free jazz improvisation to the underground genres of music like drum'n'bass, hip hop, dubstep, and breakbeat. It was such as an open collective which involved djs and rappers beside jazzmen and musicians of any kind improvising together both in jazz and clubbing situations.

Since the ending of 2009 he has lived in Barcelona where he got a master degree in music production at Microfusa school and produced his first solo album ("Synthetic Nature" 2010) that represents the first work where all the features of his art appear: sophisticated compositions and harmonies, live played electronics and keyboards, improvisation, sound design, genre-spanning and the contrast between man and machine, natural and synthetic, organic and schematic. Leomode performed in various clubs and festivals and has been resident for a year at Ocaña club (Barcelona) running his own party “Nu Epoque” where he used to play along with dj Turko, vocalist Simonal Bie, VJ Jaime Ramirez and many other special guests.

Currently he also works as producer for other artists (the Ukrainian singer Zhanna, the italian organetto player Valerio Rodelli, “EBF” project, the VJs of dLight Box) and he’s involved as live electronics performer by various djs (Turko, Matteo Floris…) and bands (the jazz 5et of Daniele Malvisi but also the Zhanna and EBF projects themselves).

Botana- Bio

When I was a kid I remember making sounds with my mouth and beatboxing until I ran out of breath and faking illness to stay in bed all day flipping cassettes in my memorex. I grew up listening to psychedelic rock bands, blues, grunge, hip-hop and 80´s / 90´s pop music. For years I spent my time playing mostly guitar, did a bit of bass and later percussion. I was born in Cancun, Mexico and lived in a couple other places along the well known paradisiac coastline, so at that time when I began raving the general trend of the zone had to do with psy-trance and progressive. At the age of 15 I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to discover a city with a strong club scene and a busy festival schedule which offered a larger variety of music. Having the opportunity to explore spaces with a strong club culture I learned what it was to have a real experience with a crowd that patiently listens with close attention to music sessions that respect the progression of the night as it gradually evolves. I started visiting a record store near my house where I began to buy some vinyls and later learned how to mix them . My strongest influences in dance music emerged from this time from the likes of Aphex Twin, James Zabiela, Ricardo Villalobos and basically the whole roster that Traum Schallplatten and Border Community had at the time, to name only a few.. On 2011 I moved to Barcelona to study audio engineering and have been living in the Catalan capital since then. To this day I´ve had the chance to gig way through with residencies in a couple clubs, parties and afterhours.

Played at Ker Club &  ElRow City Resident , ElRow 14, Macarena Beach, Boulevard Culture Club, Ocaña Café, Cafe Royale, Saturday Mornings @ No Name No Adress Afterhours .
Shared booth with ,Levon Vincent, Margaret Dygas, Cadenza, Scuba, Head High, Los Suruba, Eats Everything, Skrillex, Tensnake, Prosumer, Floating Points, Matthew Herbert, Xosar, Shaun Reeves, Notize, Cesar de Melero, Maya Jane Coles, Matthias Tanzman, Dubfire, Damian Lazarus, Ellum Showcase w/ Maceo Plex, Art Department, Maher Daniel, Erick Volta, The Martinez Brothers, Bloody Mary, Claude Von Stroke,Gaiser,Robert Dietz, Marco Carola & Leon.
Jamie Jones , Seth Troxler, Marco Carola, Julian Jeweil, Mathias Kaden, Supernova, Pan Pot, Cajmere, Matthias Tanzman, Bloody Mary, Nic Fanculli, Stacey Pullen, Umek Timo Maas.
Alexander Kumm
Alexander Kumm

Alexander Kumm - Bio

Always on the lookout for new sounds and fresh music, the sets of this German-born, Frankfurt-based Dj provide a fine example of what is happening at the moment. With the explosion of the electronic scene, Alex adds to hit his very own touch. He continuously expresses his love for the German, especially Cologne sound every time he takes the decks.

Alexander Kumm grew up in the region of cologne. His favorite musical genre was dance music from the 80´s until he went to his first rave party 1992 and discovered the world of electronic dance music. This revelation inspired him to give it a go himself, and he did his first gig in Cologne only six month after acquiring his first pair of turntables.

Alexander Kumm soon got booked all over the west part of Germany, establishing himself as a strong figure on the techno scene - Loveparade Berlin - Warehouse Cologne - Index Weilerswist - Magma Wesseling - Sensor Cologne.

Since the year 2000 he is playing all over the world - Thailand - Brazil - South Africa - South Korea - USA - Mexico - Cuba - Mauritius - India - Spain - Sweden - Netherland - Belgium - Austria.
Ivan Escura
Ivan Escura

Ivan Escura - Bio

Professional and versatile in its meetings has been required to work both in large clubs where capacity can exceed 6000 people, as well as smaller clubs where we can see his personal side.
Eclectic, festive, dynamic and influenced by the most electronic sounds from Barcelona, develops its sessions adapting to the characteristics of the hall and the public. Always committed to the underground and emerging trends combines musical sounds ranging from minimal-house, minimal, electro, acid, tech House, 80's, electrotech and techno.


Ivan is one of the values more enshrined in the Barcelona scene. During his residence at The Terrrazza (Barcelona) in the summer of'99 we had the opportunity to learn about the different variants more electronic existing of the House. Daring and innovative DJ that has no compunction in risk and bet on future musical styles. He has been invited to many clubs as SPACE, AMNESIA,. KM5, MOTEL MANUMISSION, NAIF (Ibiza), OCTOPPUSY,
DISCOTHEQUE, SALSITAS, CAT WALK, MOOG, TERRRAZZA THE REX (Barcelona) and Queen (Paris), OASIS, ATTICO, PACHA, ROXI (Zaragoza), RAIGDINGUE, ZOOM (Gerona), CHIC (Las Palmas), BCM, UNDERCLUB, ROOM FONICA MENTA (Palma de Mallorca), INDUSTRY PORTO, INDUSTRY LISBON, PEDRA DA COUTO, MAREA HIGH IN CLUB (PORTUGAL) DANS CLUB (Toulouse). Resident DJ and artistic director of the hall FUSE (Barcelona) in its second phase and integrated at the White Label Tour (The capital parties) Resident NY. He has also shared placard with RICHIE HAWTIN, JOE CLAUSELL (Body & Soul NY), DERRICK CARTER, LUCIANO, Sacha, MAGDA,TROY PIERCE, GUI BORATTO, MATHEW DEAR, BEN SIMS (Primate rec), DAVE TARRIDA( tresor rec.) FUNK DAVOID (Soma rec.) JOSE DE DIVINA (Stomp) JAMIE ANDERSON (NRK), RALF LAWSON & BOBY PERU (20:20 vision), DAN GUENACIA (freak&chic), CODEK AND FLEXOR. He was the resident DJ of CONFUSE (2000) and REPUBLICA (2001.2002) clubs, without neglecting their own collective FESTINNA DJ, ZZ CLUB BARCELONA and integrated into the collective SCI-FI vinils as DJ (2000). He has been the resident of the boards, CITY HALL, OTO ZUTZ, CONFUSE THE TERRAZZZA, JAPAN, PICASSO, CHACHÁ and MACARENA in Barcelona, combined with actions in other cities in Spain and Europe and their own monthly parties SATISFIED (2003) in Pacha BCN with Mikele Tabuchi and ACIDPUMA (2003 2004) at City Hall with Jordi Grau.

In his last years (2005-2007) has been resident in charge of the Friday scheduling at CITY HALL in Barcelona where he has played with djs of the stature of LUCIANO, SASHA, DERRICK CARTER, TERRY FRANCIS, SEX IN DALLAS, LAYO AND BUSWACKA, DAVIDE SQUILLACE, DIMITRI FROM PARIS, 20:20 VISION SOUND SISTEM. PACO OSUNA, SWAD SQUAD, the resident of P152 after hours in Barcelona (april 07 - September 07) combined with performances in different European clubs as 1001 CAFE AQUARIUM (LONDON), Pacha (SARDINIA) PEDRA DA COUTO, INDUSTRY, MARE HIGH (Porto), OP ART (LISBON) ANTI-POP MUSIC FESTIVAL (VIANA DO CASTELO, Portugal) CATWALK (MONZA IBIZA) with TOBI NEUMANN

In 2008 Ivan settled in London, but still kept coming back to Barcelona -his hometown- to perform at his favorite places (such as CITY HALL and MACARENA). In his new city, he's made his way, getting to meet the local DJs, playing at some of the best clubs and warehouses (The Egg, burlington club, aquarium, café 1001, rithym factory) and working for Djs collectives like WET YOUR SELF, MISSTAKE, TOI TOI, LO*KEE, CLICK HOUSE PARTYS. There he's shared sets with such well known DJs as GREGOR TRESHER, AUDIOJACK, MATTIAS TANZMAN, PAUL RITCH, JO JO DE FREQ, ALEJANDRO LOPEZ, DAN BERKSON, ED DAVENPORT,PROMPT, MARC HENNING, VINCEN WATSON, JULIEN PARISÉ , JACOB HUZLEY…!
All this earned him a place at FABRIC LONDON (april 12, 2009) along with JAMIE JONES and DJ HELL!

As producer, Ivan has released his first record for the label FUNKDANGO (Ref. 06) along with Jordi Grau under the name COCK COC, has done a remix of ECLAT for the the famous American label, MUSIC FOR FREAKS under the name ONDA RAVAL, "My pocket conspiration " with Vincenzo rmx`s for WOW! Rec and is preparing other traks for his own label ROCES REC. In addition he has played for fashion photo sessions atmosphere with well-known internacional photographers and advertising campaigns. As well as for many private parties…
Massimo Clike
Massimo Clike

Massimo Clike - Bio

Massimo Clike was born in Italy in 1979. His first approach to music takes place in 1997, when he begnis to work as a hip-hop DJ and producer but in 2001 he changes radically, switching to electronic dance music, mixing breakbeat, house and electro.

Alexander Kumm grew up in the region of cologne. His favorite musical genre was dance music from the 80´s until he went to his first rave party 1992 and discovered the world of electronic dance music. This revelation inspired him to give it a go himself, and he did his first gig in Cologne only six month after acquiring his first pair of turntables.

As a pioneer of minimal, he influenced many of his dj friends in Barcelona, the city where he lives nowadays. In September of 2010, with his first realease on 7 oz. Records, he begins his career as a dance music producer.

Currently, Clike pours the dancefloors of Barcelona with house, deep house as well as deep tech and tech house.
Matteo Floris
Matteo Floris

Matteo Floris - Bio

Matteo Floris was born in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) in 1986. He started clubbing when he was very young and grows his passion for music since he began playing drums at electronic parties.

Then he started selecting and mixing his favourite tracks in own sets, ranging bewtween house, minimal and techno sonority.

After that he gained his interest in producing creating his personal sound combining a lot of drums and percussion with deep vocals and atmospheres, minimal and ambient sounds to valorise the most important element: the rhythm.

Martinko! - Bio

Martin Jury aka Martinko! was born in 1982 in Buenos Aires [Argentina] and grew up in the city of Mendoza. His passion for music was present from a very young age. As a child he took lessons in piano, the trumpet, percussion and singing. He was drawn to many instruments, striving to find a sound which he could identify himself with. It was finally at 17, on a trip to Ibiza that he discovers what he was looking for: the world of electronic music.

In 2001 he decides to study Composition through Electro-acoustics en the ‘Universidad Nacional de Quilmes [Buenos Aires]. He begins to produce House music and not long after begins to DJ. In the city of Mendoza is where he begins his DJ career, and for 3 gears he plays at the most popular bars, nightclubs and events there. He is also invited to DJ in neighbouring cities like San Rafael, San Juan, Vina del Mar [Chile] and many others.

Unfortunately, there were limits to his growth as a DJ in the small electronic nightlife of Mendoza, and along with the changes in the music scene, where obscure Minimal-Techno was taking over the House scene, meant that he took a break as DJ. He studies Design and then sets off to work as a designer for 2 years in Barcelona.

However, Barcelona's vibrant electronic nightlife reawaken his passion for music, especially in 2008, when Minimal is fusioned with more organic, positive sounds. He feels his own sound could mix well in this city and begins redefining his sound through the decks.

Martinko! Begins his DJ career in Barcelona in April 2009, in KGB next to Han Solo. Soon after, he joins the collective "Sastango“ playing in IceBar, a popular electronic bar at the Barcelona beach all summer. He also travels to Menorca with Sastango, where he is invited to play in various clubs. The collective organise various underground parties and after-parties in Barcelona throughout the year which obtain great success.

In September 2009, he is invited to play in the "Chiringuito Nueva Ola" with Fake Out!. He integrates the Fake Out collective soon after and joins the team in the next parties to follow, such as "CODE", "7 Pecados‘, ‘Nueva Ola".

In 2010 he is invited to play in some of the most respected clubs in Barcelona, such as Row 14, City Hall, Mondo Club, Boulevard Culture Club, Mac Arena Beach Club, Espais Actuals, Mioh Social Club, KGB and some electronic music bars such as IceBar, Ryan's Barceloneta, Nueva Ola, Milans and Zentraus where he holds a weekly residency next to his colleague Anish [Rubrik Records].

He moved back to Mendoza in 2012 and became resident DJ at “Club del Riel”, a big club in the mountains with international lineup. Warming up the floor for talented dj’s and producers like Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong), Argenis Brito (Cadenza), Fosky (Desolat), and many others. Martinko! is actually working at the studio and getting ready to go back to Barcelona next summer.
O Du Cologne
O Du Cologne

O Du Cologne - Bio

Based in Cologne, o du is always digging for the pearls at the muddy grounds of the electronic music. He preferentially plays in cities with the big b like:
(Ritter Butzke, About:Blank, Fiese Remise, Klunkerkranich, etc.)
(Fake Out, Off Sonar, la Terrraza, Macarena Microclub, Ranchero, Intimateconnection @kfdmra)
(Underground Circus at Glow Club, JJ Sunday Market).

But also cities without the Big G shall not be ignored – like his residency at the Silberschwein events in Cologne, Sonderlü, deep house Cat Chicago, Breakfast Beats, Solar, Stockholm (Aftermath)etc.
Pablo Pellegrini
Pablo Pellegrini

Pablo Pellegrini - Bio

Pablo Pellegrini was born in Rosario, Argentina. He initiate his career as a dj and producer in Barcelona, his musical quality and experience in selecting music, helped him very quickly to get known in the underground scene of Barcelona.

He gained a great prestige and played in several discotheques like: Fellini, City hall, Lekashbar, Kubic, 242, Instinct, Q, Bang Bang, BeCool, Sunfactory, Guru, Daf, Q3, Rossvand, Morisca Cove, Seven, and in Europe he played in recognized discotheques like: Nadsat ( CPH), Debasser Medis(Stockholm), NIU(Berlin).

Now he is based in Berlin where he found www.selectedmusicstore.com

Affani - Bio

With a major musical influence from DJs like Frankie Knuckles, Fast Eddie, David Morales and other Pioneers of House Music from the 90's, Affani has a musical style ranging from Deep House to the most powerful and energetic peak time club tracks. His sets are characterized by the word Groovie, so energetic that people always ask for more. Affani began producing with sequences and then contacted Laidback Luke fellow Dutch producer, who was instrumental in his evolution as a producer, supporting him with some production tips and always providing with positive feedback.
His new productions such as The Katt, have been exhibited at major festivals such as Ultra Music Festival Miami 2013 by the master of Techno Carl Cox. Also supported by other great artists such as Umek, Slam, Yousef, Groove Armada, Technasia, Loco Dice, Roger Sanchez, Chus & Ceballos, to name a few.
2014 is looking promising to be one of the best years as his new releases on major labels such as Stereo Productions, Bush Records, Monique Musique, Electronique UK, Witty Tunes and more ..."Music is my Heart and Soul..." is his mojo.
Groove Art
Groove Art

Groove Art - Bio

Groove Art, 100% Live Music! This trio of musicians bases their set on their own compositions where Maschine fulfills the key role of conducting all the rhythm section of the production and is also used as a sequencer. Guitars and Basses are processed live by Guitar Rig that provides the ability to have multiple amplifiers and effects pedals. Synthesizers, electronic percussion and voices are modulated with effects as The Mouth, The Finger and Traktor's 12, tools included in the Komplete software package. The solid sets executed by Groove Art alternate between genres such as deep, tech and minimal house

Artist who played @ FakeOut! Parties

Abe Duque (Tresor-Berlin)
And.ID – live (Ware-Germany)
Anja Schneider (Mobilee-Berlin)
Argy (Poker Flat-Berlin)
Barem (Minus)
Cirstian Varela (Pornographic)
Claude Von Stroke (DirtyBird)
Cristian Vogel (Tresor-Berlin)
Dario Zenker (Esperanza-Germany)

Dave Tarrida (Tresor-Berlin)
Ekkohaus (Kickboxer-Germany)
Ellen Allien (BPitch Control)
Gaiser (Minus-Berlin)
GummiHz (Mobilee-Berlin)
Jennifer Cardini (Crosstown Rebels)
Jichael Mackson (Pastamusic-Munich)
Konrad Black (Minus-Berlin)
Krikor (Karat-Paris)

Lee Van Dowski (Soma-UK)
Luke Solomon (Classic)
Maceo Plex (Crosstown Revels)
Magda (Minus)
Marco Carola (Minus-Berlin)
Mathew Jonson (Bpitch Control)
Miki Craven (Tresor-Berlin)
Miss Kittin (Nobody Bussines)
Paco Osuna (Minus-Berlin)
Pan-Pot (Mobilee-Berlin)

Paul Kalkbrenner (BPitch Control)
Quenum (Soma-UK)
Richie Hawting (Minus)

Sergio Patricio (La Terrrazza-BCN)
The Hacker (Goodlife)
Treplec (Milnor modern-Dessau,Germany)
Troy Pierce

TurKo (Fake Out!-Barcelona)

…and many moore

Our Background

2004 – Sunset Sound Session @ Mochima Bar, Playa de la Nueva Marbella
2005 – Fridays I´m In Love @ DAF Club
2005 – Level 0 @ Amparo Beach, Playa de la Nueva Marbella
2005 – Burning Sessions @ Bang Bang!, Barcelona
2006 – Mayday! @ Guru (ex Salsitas)
2006 – Fake Out! @ Nueva Ola Beach, Playa de la Nueva Marbella
2006 – Fake Out! @ Lola, Poble Nou, Barcelona
2007 – Fake Out! @ Nueva Ola Beach, Playa de la Nueva Marbella
2008 – Fake Out! @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2008 – Fake Out! @ La Casita del Mar, Playa del Prat
2008 – Fake Out! @ La Terrrazza, Barcelona
2008 – Fake Out! Sonar Week @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2009 – Fake Out! @ KGB, Barcelona
2009 – Raising Sun @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2009 – Lunatika @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2009 – Baila La Playa Festival @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2009 – Code @ Espais Actual D´Art, Barcelona
2010 – 7 Pecados @ Espais Actual D´Art, Barcelona
2010 – Fake Out! @ Mondo Club, Barcelona
2010 – Fake Out! @ The One Barcelona
2010 – Fake Out! @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2010 – Baila La Playa Festival @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2010 – Fake Out! @ City Hall, Barcelona
2010 – Fake Out! @ Row 14, Viladecans, Barcelona
2010 – Fake Out! @ Boulevard, Barcelona
2010 – Fake Out! @ Mac Arena Mar, Barcelona

2011 – The Rubik @ Sala Instinto, Barcelona
2011 – D´Clap @ Sala Up & Down, Barcelona
2011 – Fake Out! SouthAmerican Tour, ARG,URU,COL
2011 – Fake Out! Presents: Classic Music Company @ Hotel OMM
2011 – Addicted to ME @ Hotel ME, Barcelona
2011 – Baila La Playa Festival @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2011 – Addicted @ Ameba Club, Ibiza
2012 – Highgrade Showcase @ M7 Club, Barcelona
2012 – Morning Kids @ Selmos Club, Barcelona
2012 – Nu Epoque @ Ocaña, Barcelona
2012 – Baila La Playa Festival @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2012 – Intimate Connection @ Cafe da Madeira After club, Barcelona
2012 – Baila La Playa Festival @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2012 – The Rubik @ City Hall, Barcelona
2013 – Fake Out! 9th Aniversary @ La Terrrazza, Barcelona
2013 – Nu Epoque @ Ocaña, Barcelona
2013 – Saturday Morning Live @ No Name No Addres After Club, Barcelona
2012 – The Rubik @ City Hall, Barcelona
2013 – Zero @ Sala Upload, Barcelona
2013 – Baila La Playa Festival @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2013 – Morning Kids @ Selmos Club, Barcelona
2013 – Intimate Connection @ Cafe da Madeira After club, Barcelona
2014 – Fake Out! Summer Season @ Macarena Beach, Barcelona
2014 – The Warehouse @ Sala Instinto, Barcelona
2014 – Baila La Playa Festival @ Chiringuito Calamar, Playa del Prat
2014 – Intimate Connection @ Cafe da Madeira After club, Barcelona